Letters to the Editor Endorsing Governor Cuomo

Recently, members of the Greenburgh Town Democratic Committee wrote letters to the editor featured in the Enterprise endorsing Governor Cuomo and his running mate Kathy Hochul. Please see them below. No matter whom you support, make sure to vote in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday September 9!

To the Editor:

We members of the Greenburgh Democratic Committee Executive Committee ask enrolled Democrats to cast their primary vote on Tuesday September 9 for Governor Andrew Cuomo and for Kathy Hochul for Lt. Governor.

We are voting for Gov. Cuomo because he has been a progressive leader for our state. He was instrumental in passing the SAFE Act to regulate guns; marriage equality is now the law in this state, the minimum wage has been increased and we now have state wide universal pre-K. He has also committed to enact the ten-point Women’s Equality Agenda. Five hundred thousand new jobs have been created in New York (second in the nation) and, in our region, we will have a new Tappan Zee Bridge to replace the existing obsolete span. Fiscally, not only has he worked with legislative leaders of both parties to get the state budget passed on time — for each of his four years in office — but the state has gone from a $10 billion deficit to a $2 billion surplus, and the Governor and the Legislature have used those funds to increase funding for public education and for SUNY. And the Governor’s property tax cap has kept the lid on local property taxes.

We also support the Governor’s choice for lieutenant governor, Kathy Hochul, who is a pro-choice former congresswoman from western New York.

We know that some are considering a vote for the Governor’s primary opponent, to register dissatisfaction on a particular issue, whether it be Common Core, the disbanding of a commission to root out government corruption or some other issue — comfortable that Governor Cuomo will still win. The New York Times did not endorse either candidate, but it noted Ms. Teachout’s lack of executive and political experience. But the Times doesn’t vote — you do. Please don’t use your primary vote to register a protest. Nominating a Democratic gubernatorial candidate lacking executive and political experience will almost certainly enhance the chances in November of electing an anti-choice Republican who is far too conservative, partisan and divisive to be an effective leader in New York. We shouldn’t take that risk on Tuesday September 9. Please use your vote wisely.

Suzanne Berger, Chair Greenburgh Democratic Committee
John S. Blakley, St., Executive Vice Chair, Greenburgh Democratic Committee
William S. Greenawalt, NYS Democratic State Committee, 92 AD
Ellen Hendrickx, Chair, Hastings on Hudson Democratic Committee
Randy Klipstein, Chair, Dobbs Ferry Democratic Committee
Robert B. Bernstein, Chair, Edgemont Area Democratic Committee
and additional members

To the Editor:

I am writing to endorse Governor Andrew Cuomo in Tuesday’s Democratic Primary.

In an extremely difficult political and economic environment, Governor Cuomo has accomplished a great deal. He has stabilized our State’s finances, consistently delivered on-time budgets, and put in place the kind of job creation incentives New York needs. He has also delivered on gun safety and marriage equality, and has stood up to the fossil fuel industry’s rush to open our State to hydraulic fracturing. We are safer and more prosperous today because of his efforts.

Perhaps Governor Cuomo’s greatest accomplishment has been his decisiveness in moving ahead with the replacement of the Tappan Zee Bridge. The Tappan Zee Bridge has been crumbling for close to two decades, but governors of neither party managed to get the project off the ground. Mr. Cuomo, however, understood the need to move forward and has begun a bridge reconstruction project that will create many thousands of jobs, maintain the most important link in our regional transportation network, and create new routes for bicyclists, pedestrians and mass transit.

On the other hand, his primary opponent is untried and untested. Her lack of political judgment became evident when she gave voice to Tea Party extremists in this State, by making a public appearance with the Republican candidate for governor, Rob Astorino. She has done great damage to progressive values, by publicly standing with a candidate who has pledged to repeal the Safe Act and open the State to fracking, who opposes the Women’s Equality Act and middle class job creation, and has shown little interest in maintaining the infrastructure we need for a healthy economy.

I urge my friends and neighbors to vote for Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday, September 9.

MaryJane Shimsky