Sign Up to Be a Poll Watcher!

A message from the New York Democratic Lawyers Council:

Sign up to protect the right to vote this Election Day, Tuesday November 4, 2014. The New York Democratic Lawyers Council, working in partnership with Democratic Candidates across New York State, is recruiting volunteers to protect the vote at poll sites on Election Day.
As a volunteer, you will serve inside on a poll site on Election Day helping voters to understand their rights, ensuring that Election Administration is being conducted properly, and reporting on voting conditions to our central boiler room. You will be trained on the key election law issues and no prior experience is necessary.

On Election Day, we are accepting volunteers who are willing to work either the full day, or only part of the day. We can work around your schedule. We have opportunities in all parts of NYS, however, you may only poll watch in the County, or City in which you are registered.

Follow this link to sign up!