Presidential Candidate Petitions

As message from Chairwoman Suzanne Berger:
Dear Fellow Greenburgh Democratic District Leaders and E-list Recipients:

Chair Suzanne Berger wants you to know that she has delegate petitions for
Hillary Clinton 17th ED that may be picked up at her home (or mailed).
Anyone interested can contact her at _Suzannemberger@aol.com_ (mailto:Suz . They are due back to the campaign in White Plains by
1/22. She can’t email them because they are oversized. A posting will also be
made on the Committee’s Web site and on Facebook.

Suzanne also asked that Cari Gardner’s information be provided to you for
petitions for Bernie Sanders. Cari has been very active in the Sanders
Campaign. Cari’s email is _cariyogi@gmail.com_ ( .

Millie Ortiz Sheehan, Corresponding Secretary
Greenburgh Democratic Town Committee